Monday, March 7, 2011

ice pebbles

what is that on the horizon?
is it mist or is it spray?
today i wonder when will unease evaporate
i realized i found my self waiting
i found i wait a lot
do i wait for the sun the wind and water
to turn boulders into sand?

better wait for salt, the ebb and flow, the weather

to create ice pebbles
because you see, it can be done

when whatever i am waiting for
when whatever that it is
before it even happens

my longing it evaporates

and my smile appears

every single time :)


Brian said...

Wild Lady I think those are mist covered mountains. The ice pebbles look like opals maybe someone is leaving you jewels in the wild places that you keep . Be good :)

John said...

All will happen as fated long ago. The journey is for us to marvel at and enjoy.