Sunday, February 2, 2014

endless loving

and i tell you it is a happy place
and i tell you i am happy 
and it is for no other reason
then that i am listening to old music
and that tree grew there and it died there
and it still stands
i, roaming the endless meadows
i tell you, flying low in that endless expanse
i imagine a city of the same dimension
how many people would live there
i can almost hear the hustle and bustle
we met two chickadees
goodbye my trusted friend
tada lalala
now that the spring is in the air
again i found the sun


strider said...

I think i've got it "Terry Jacks- Seasons in the sun"....
you may also enjoy
"Bobby Goldsboro - Summer (the first time)"


jozien said...

yes, you'r good

Anonymous said...

This makes me happy for you!