Sunday, January 12, 2014

snow upon snow upon snow

Snow took on a different meaning this year.
I don't know quite what to do with it.
The Queen of the North,
what is she trying to say?
She does let us dig ourselves out and breath.

I found joy in not going too far

This is what i want to ask;
Do we grow contently lonely?
Happy to just be?
Be mindful in the moment?

Last night after an evening of laughter and fun, i did lay in bed and felt, that i could feel, if i wished, that all was good.

What is this searching for truth,
if such thing as truth might not even exist.


Anonymous said...

Truth and fantasy
Live forever

christopher said...

Perhaps the changing patterns of things actually gives you more snow of different quality. I am experienced enough to know that there are many subtle types of snow based on the qualities of water crystals. They mostly form on the topology of six but that ranges from cubics to feathers and then moisture can cause clumps and slicks and rainbows. Snow is like a woman, quite complicated. A man can be complicated too but snow is like a woman. Loving you, Jozien.

strider said...

Isolation works a strange magic allowing one to reconnect, with that which really matters, family, friends, nature and the wild.

be safe and warm....
from afar