Friday, January 3, 2014

Last night

there were northern lights,
and stars,
and sun today!
before the northern lights i had a dream
a good dream
certavi et vi
i have fought and conquered
in a strange looking wilderness, falling from incredible heights, crossing uncrossable rivers on thin ice, swinging in the canopy of thin extremely tall trees
down down down till where,
the dream ended, where i saw the way out,
just a little ways ahead
it was a dream after i couldn't sleep
after i cried
i cried...heavingly
great big sobs
as  i laid in bed,
my face felt small
the sockets of my eyes full of big tear drops
the sockets of my eyes feeling like wash basins
the tears rolling into my ears filling my ears
with an ocean
my fingers thick and big compared to my small face
trying to wipe the unstoppable flood
i felt you too
not comforting
but you were there
i did not want to stop crying
i wanted to cry forever
it felt warm and comforting

before the heaving started
i thought of a certain childhood memory
nothing horrific
just a memory
brought on by something happening earlier that day
the otter family Dec 8, 2013


Anonymous said...

I tried but could not understand your post.

Anonymous said...

just absorb the emotions, northern lights, stars, cold and crisp. Lovely enjoy, from afar i will support and honour you

Anonymous said...

random emotions and nature

sounds like a difficult time


Brian said...

You are what you see Wild lady ;)

christopher said...

There is nothing for me to understand but much for me to love. So I do.

jozien said...

Thank you Brian and Christopher :)

Anonymous said...

There were no northern lights
Stars were ever so faint
No sun through an overcast day

But someone warmed me like early spring sunlight