Monday, January 13, 2014

more about snow

Driving down the Kusawa road
The river seem to be frozen farther up towards the lake then ever before.
Second photo at the big bend in the road, where those two poplars are.
First photo, just before the next big bend, here we turned around, as we didn't want to go down the hill there.
All winter the river had lots of ice floes and slush in it, which to me causes it to freeze over. Which of course is caused by the steady snowfall.
Just my observation, that the freezing of the Takhini river at the outlet by the Lake, freezes up faster, more due to the amount of snow, than  to extreme cold temperatures (which we haven't had this winter)

i wonder
if I
who was 
approached by an icefloe
if I
suffocated him?
He a man much like 
you Christopher
a man that understands me
ice floes and snow 
just a different
form of the same reality
where did he go?
my flowing ice floe
that gave me so much joy

What i am saying,
the otters, everything
the weather always reflects my emotional state of being
energies always aligned
my shoulder still hurts
the load to heavy, that way too

tomorrow the radio says: plus six!
plus six, can you imagine?!


strider said...

Wow +6 in the yukon at this time of year, partial thaw then a re freeze, sounds dangerous be safe take care

Anonymous said...

I hope the warmer temperature warms your shoulders, feet and heart!

Can warmer temperature warm a person's spirits?


Diana Maria Luquez Gaitan said...

A simple thing in life like driving near a river becomes a fantastiscal poem with great emotion.
The freezing feeling and the questioning show real emotion