Saturday, December 21, 2013

Part 2, form the book of different realities

You know why, this is part two? because i don't know how to work computers. When i paste and copy something, my typing fond stays in that fond of what i copied.

Now there i something, so after switching realities, it is very hard to go back...

This morning after i had gotten up i saw these realities encased in thick, slimy, grey, though skin. Maybe like the stomach of a Bison,  washed clean of the blood.

Reading the book it occurred again to me, that the Germans in World War II , suffered maybe most. Well i can't say most, as i think suffering is suffering. (the apple/orange thing)
When i grew up , there was never a hatred for the Germans, the image was more, of young boys fighting in Holland torn away from their families in Germany. My husband i ask him,  ( born in '47) grew up in a Military  community in Northern England. He said there was nothing, no awareness that way, they told us nothing, we learned nothing.

Did he and i came together, because in England after school he was an apprentice to lay ..marble?.. floors in hospitals?

See i am getting totally lost, here. I am taking a break from writing. Maybe i will  talk to my husband for a bit. Maybe i go back to 1977,giggles, brommers and kisses. Or to the future.....where i still will be me, but in a total different reality.


Anonymous said...

Very nice photo.


Anonymous said...

dark text be safe,

Brian said...

Always be as you are, be yourself .Merry Christmas wild lady ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree that was a dark text, what’s with that? My apology for any formatting issues, Paul

I offered you warmth and light You somehow chose a tranquil darkness Is it safer there, for a wounded bird hides in forest shadows You may be hopelessly lost in a dark universe for awhile
The song of a forest bird may raise your spirits Days are becoming longer Sunlight though the forest creates beautiful shadows

You need to trust more and reach out for my light