Monday, December 2, 2013

a wolf

the world of white is cold , ancient coldness, nothing happening.
( when we spotted the wolf, she stood motionless for a long time)
for an instant i could feel again. i got a glimpse of inspiration, not long enough to know what.
(after what seemed a long time, turning his head to look at us)
when someone would listen , what would i say?
i would say, the temperature is dropping.
my body seems to float, but it is not, it is falling.
it is because the space i am in is so immense.
-the kill streak ratio-
where did the connection go? what was it that held it together?
(looking ahead again, looking at us again)
it is because everyone is lying. someone felt sick, i could see it, but she couldn't say it and left.
maybe i made her feel sick, because i said, life is so difficult.
someone said she felt good, but it was just because she wasn't really listening.
nothing is fixed, when you get killed, up you go again, no time to breath
you might want to know that i listen to 'call of duty' in the background.
(eventually she suddenly ran))
i am starting to have an adverse reaction to all the shooting.
when i see or feel violence i cringe. the problem is the violence is in me, little bits.
(before she disappeared, she looked back at us one more time, )
little bits in an immense space of white love, i am so glad you do listen to me.


christopher said...

Excellent post, my friend.

strider said...

What an amazing experience
Love it

Anonymous said...

Maybe it’s a wolf but it does resemble a coyote. What do I know- at least you got outside, I looked through a frosted window drinking coffee.

There are no more philosophers
Just professors of philosophy
Maybe there are no more true wolves
Just coyotes and feral dogs and people’s fears everywhere


Anja said...

Hi Jozien
what a sight, to see a wolf, we've only heard them.
You know, I don't think I have that much violence inside of me, but I cannot do war movies anymore like I used to. They bother me way to much.

dogsled_stacie said...

Looks like a coyote to me! I've seen a really big coyote around here quite regularly, so much that I have to do a double-take to figure out what it is, wonder if it's the same one?