Saturday, July 20, 2013

why i call myself batholith

I love you being a geologist, you studying the separation of land, i living on a compressed 'island' i do not know geology, it highly confuses me. And on many occasions i have tried to figure out where i live, i know behind the house there is exposed batholith.
I would love to know more, and as my field is botany ( only through interest, i am not an academic) what does it mean me living on the Coast Plutonic Complex, i am copying these words from a study being done. And is my place really on an island or is it batholith pushed up from underneath while the world was being compressed here. And does it have an effect on the botany, which is basically undisturbed here, hmmm this summer i still have to hike up to the closest by 20 miles nunatuk, which should have ancient plant life, older then what is scraped of by the glacier not so long ago, bla bla, I hope you know a little of my neck of the woods and understand what i mean.

I live  in the Coast Plutanic Complex (paleaocen eocene) on the Ruby Range Batholith,  our property is slipped in with clay from an not so ancient glacial lake, we have a beachline, and above there is the bathlith:) so why do i call myself that because i love to lay on those rocks i will send you a photo, they are the Nisling Range Suite, granite, granodiorite and diorite

and i will post this on my blog, because i always meant to write it.

And i call my self Batholith, because.... it feels true,  i am all, i am 24/7,  i am strong. i am ancient and yet none of these things, being one grain of granite deteriorated. 

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