Sunday, July 21, 2013


I walked over to the neighbor this morning, a geologist, Don Francis, and he was quite happy to answer my questions.

ahhhh what did i learn? darker rock is heavier, basalt for example and found lower because of gravity
and light rock like granite is lighter, hence higher.

What else?
that little spot of LTrgS has gabbro in it.
That spot is not necessarily related to the one at Bennett Lake
It is more the way it is formed, Don said ( i think) it could even be the mother rock of  our batholith here
Which is the Annie Ned one. (not the Ruby Range one)

 Because when basalt is remelted again it forms granite. Yes?

And our Coast Plutonic Complex... is just a belt. i do start to understand it, but can't explain it. Island or not it was formed underneath the Earth, but here now it is exposed, where we see the rocks, the batholith.
and where i live on, on the clay,  that is what is called unconsolidated sediments.
I think brought here by the glaciers covering up the batholith.

This whole post is more a question then solid facts. really they are unconsolidated sediments.

oh and one thing Don said, now after having come together the different belts are starting to move....ehhh linear? like they came together but nowhere to go anymore they start sliding along eachother. Don said at Ross river, they actually have slid over 400km.

I will try to find a photo again which shows some of what i am trying to understand

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