Saturday, July 20, 2013


something Late Triassic in the Stikine suite, made up of gabbro, quartz diorite, diorite and granodiorite.
 Whatever that all means, but do you remeber wanting to study the plantlife on Stony Creek mountain, because  a phlox grows there, and that phlox grows nowhere near here for 1000 km. ( a rough estimate )

Now studying this geological map, i do see that  that Stony Creek Mountain is a peculiar spot on the map.
It has a big fault line ( picture one) and north of it a magenta dot, which might be that color for these letters LTrgS where all the rest is what i spoke of in my previous post, intermittent by unconsolidated sediments.

The gravel pit on the bottom of the mountain also has an odd spot btw  PzS, ask me if you do want to know, what it stands for.
Anyway PzS is part of a bigger slice which runs along Aishihik Lake
 But i can only find  another spot of LTrgS at the South western tip of BennetLake.

Now i do wonder if that Phlox grows there? is there anybody that knows?

the fault

a photo of the phlox is on my wildflower blog

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