Monday, May 27, 2013


 Spring White
Pontia sisymbrii

  a little moth?
always so much to learn.
Yesterday i saw a few tiny lepidoptera ( butterflies and moths)
the size of my fingernail.

Today i was accompanied for an hour, walking the sandy banks of Stony creek, by at least a dozen Spring Whites, a real butterfly, and 3x the size of the others.
 3 to  4 cm wingspan.


strider said...

the little moth looks like a "skipper Butterfly" not sure which one though
as a rule of thumb butterflies hold their wings up and moths fold them back along their thorax


jozien said...

if you click on the picture ( enlarging it) you can see that it has a feathery antenna. A clue that it is a moth. I am looking at geometers ( moths) but can't find a liking image yet though.