Sunday, November 25, 2012


of course i could write a whole chapter on sheep and trust...

I was saying that trust for me is an easy thing, i used to be outright gullible. Then i swung to just trusting that everything a certain person in my life said was a lie.
where am i now? i easily trust, or it just doesn't matter.

I trust that everything here on the Internet is out of my hands, When someone wants to use my photos in whatever way, bless them, i am glad i could inspire you.

I trust people totally,  it doesn't really matter if they lie,  how can i explain that?
When someone tells me they will love me forever, well by their actions of that moment i will know if they love me that very moment or not, and that is all that matters.

we call it, living in the moment, mindfullness :) you know the terms

all we have is the moment.

so when you mean trust, do you mean you are scared if they lie?
I do somtimes find living with my husband precarious ( balancing on a rock like a sheep, but i am sure a sheep doesn't think that way, he trusts himself, the group and the rock)  with my husband i do have to often take a moment, know my self, because he is not to be trusted, i can trust on that.

do not to elaborate?
 or can i trust that you understand why i feel trust is not an issue for me

You know what i was wondering lately, why is TIME so important to me, why do i always want to know what time it is, why do i always feel i run out of time, why am i always on time?

The circle came round, i have a total lack of trust in time..... can you explain that to me.

Jozien xox


Anonymous said...

time should not be important to you Jo.
time is important to other people
why are you always on time fit in with other peoples wishes,
how often are people on time for you?

it sounds complicated with trust and your husband, do not elaborate
perhaps it is better to focus on love especially the unconditional love between mother and child

much love
rob i.o.w

christopher said...

I hold trust for you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Time and trust.

If you find yourself with someone, who, no matter want you are doing, makes you feel content and in the moment- then time and trust issues are so softened they evaporate.
With childlike openness, spending the moment with someone special and openly exploring the world. And when most people see a couple in this situation people often reflect on why they do not have that in their lives. It is definitely something most people are longing for.

This is one of your best posts!


jennyfer black said...

Trust is essential. It's a main component in every relationships. Without it, any kind of relationship will crumble down and won't last.
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Anonymous said...

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