Wednesday, November 21, 2012

sheep we are

(picture taken this summer)
are we sheep?
i don't know, what i want to write about, and ran out of time again, i am a sheep as i am always on the run and no place to go.

sooo what i want to write about.
is i observed in myself (and my husband) when one is in total joy, one does not feel discomfort.
Joy might not be the right word,  it's being in the moment also.
It's moments where one is at peace...
I observed it first when i was in my meditation group, which i love, and as i had a bad cold, but went anyway, the whole friggin hour, i had NO cold, my nose didn't sniffle once.

Any i have to run now

rushing will do it for me too :)

while at it that is, like now

let's talk more about after...

love jozien


aria said...

Sheep barely think...

Anonymous said...

sheep are wise enough to know when to shelter, they know where the best grazing is, they pic the best routes up the hill, they are a community at one with the environment, they crate a fine sward that benefits many mini-beasts and insects
sheep are cool!

rob (i.o.w)

jozien said...

yes me too rob :)
actually they are up there with goats :)