Saturday, November 10, 2012


the time of year, this is probably an immature bald eagle and not a golden eagle. I still don't know hoe to tell them apart
Nevertheless a powerful encounter
my shoulder blades pulling an urge to spread my 20 feet wingspan white wings


Brian said...

Keep beating those wings of yours wild lady , you will soar high and look over all the wild places :)

Anonymous said...

Could it be an immature Steller's Sea Eagle?

Can you really fly?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a raven with a large beak to me.

jozien said...

thanks Brian :0
and anonymous, yes i can really fly,unfortunuately i have passed on the genes as you see in today's post.
and :0 it is an eagle,i saw it close up, it's an amazing large creature. Here in the yukon we only have balds and goldens.