Sunday, May 3, 2015

covered up in purple

His gaze straight ahead.
Batholith tattoos.
The green speculum showing.
A small crevice.
Suddenly the front wheels of the jeep sink in.
 After bouncing through the desert,
 the ground littered with dense tufts of grass,
first looking out over the land from a high ridge. 
up to the axles in mud.
In that instant he remembered;
the slivers being pulled out of festering skin.
A baby? 
A baby? they ask
in surprise.
The pendulum slowly swinging.
A real life, soft, pink, gurgling, baby in a cradle!?
The laughter, the pure joy.
Everything coming together.
 An abbreviation of events.
 Infinite softness experienced.


Brian said...

Hey wild lady..
Love those ducks...;b

Anonymous said...

What flowers are those? Have I seen them on a river trail or are they only way up in the mountains?