Tuesday, May 26, 2015

a summer as no other

And this summer began almost in April.
And it is not just the swimming.
Outside all day
Walking leisurely half naked in the heat.
Summer smells
No mosquitoes to speak of
just butterflies and bees and yes some pesky houseflies.
We are outside till late at night..
And the sun always out and as usual always up.
Blue skies and just a little breeze for perfection
The leaves i forgot when they appeared,
but full green was reached in just a few days.
Plants are growing inches per day.
flowers blooming everywhere.
And it is not even June!
Winter is this year truly far away.


Brian said...

A cold wind lingers on here...
Never leaving.. It hides only to reappear when you think you can peel off a layer...
The sun climbs higher still, and yet the wind is in control...
When the wind drops..
I will return...;b x

Jozien Keijzer said...

Oh dear Brian, the way you write it, very poetic, it sounds wonderful, i almost longing for that. We have clouds here today, so i might keep my t-shirt and shorts on instead of being totally naked. Sending some heat your way

Shaddaiah said...

you've got to be kidding me.....Shaddaiah

Florida Water said...

Can't believe your swimming! (Too cold even in Naples for that!!!) Okay, maybe I have to re-evaluate ...

Florida Water said...

We are in throes of cold front now. Dropped down to 58 degrees last night. Saw people in fleeces!!!