Monday, April 13, 2015


It is lovely to live where i live, and maybe i should write again like i used to, about my excitement of the gentleness of my wandering in the woods. Today extra sensual,  the softness of early spring, i followed a warm gully ( alas no crocuses)  but came out by a small cave, and peeking in,  yes a porcupine. I didn't see a lot of activity around the cave, like a trail leading into it, or trees being gnawed. Was this her winter den? Or was she or he just hiding from me. I do think they could live in such dens in winter. Porcupines do not really hibernate. She moved slightly, not sleeping. Will she have a young in there?  I will visit the place again, when i can find it. I did NOT make note of my exact location, on purpose, i feared i would go see her everyday if i had. 5 km away i did come upon this totally stripped tree, i read porcupines like to eat it all once they find a good food source. I suspect rabbits having eaten the bark of this tree, yet i had never seen them doing such a thorough job. All i could think  was whoever it was, they were inspired by Brian @Talk from the Timber.

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