Sunday, April 19, 2015


Recently, in the last year maybe, i have felt more concerned about our planet and it's inhabitants.

Now, the 17th of April 2015,  Mary and i climbed up Kusawa ridge. We knew what we were looking for, but didn't know if we would find it, we were open to the possibility that we were too early. Yet there was no doubt in our mind that the douglasias would bloom again. When not that day they would this month be there blooming.
Somehow we were rewarded with the best spectacle of douglasias ever. From the moment we stepped onto the ridge till we reached the snowfields, the ground was dotted with pink. At times having to watch our step, as not to step on them.

When you consider the last photo, the condition we were hiking in, to me it is a miracle in the biggest essence of the word, that such phenomena exists.

And that this is not one unique, single mountain ridge with such beauty, i am sure there are many many more.

Truly we have nothing to worry about, when such inundated glory still takes place every single moment unconcerned with what do or don't, we are not so important.

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Brian said...

I understand your concern..
But as long as there are caring people like yourself wild lady...
Hope is always there....;b x