Saturday, January 31, 2015


I kind of think i know what that word means now. I think it means from the brain, from thinking.

This also a continuation of the last post, the yin yang part.

All very cerebral i suppose.

What i would like my writing to be is NOT Cerebral
I would like it to come from my gut.
Or even from my feet, what they sense from the Earth, as my friend Mary Whitley experiences.

So last night i had a dream

I put this group of kids on the ferry. They are a group of young adults with mental challenges ( do  they call it now,extraordinary conditions?) They are going on a trip and will meet with the leaders somewhere across the waterway. An hour later they are back. The weather has changed  i think, i don't really understand what they say. And rush them onto next ferry with extra clothing, as they can still be in time. I worried about the money they paid to go on this trip and now they almost miss out on it.

An hour later they are back again.

They tell me calmly. Jozien you did not get it, because the weather changed we all decided we did not want to go anymore.

So i just rushed them onto that ferry without really listening.

Next  dream, I overhear a conversation, where some one is explaining that two people were arguing and they could not understand eachother because their thoughts on the subject they came from two opposite sides of the brain. They being two extreme people in that way.
I said something that i understood it and that i could not understand why would that make them fight, as it just being the way it  is.
The person said to me. That Jozien is exactly is why you don't get it, you are extreme on the one side, your thoughts coming from an extreme side of the brain.

What the heck?

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Anonymous said...

My feelings come from my brain.

A complex mix of conscious and unconscious thoughts.

And then I often meet someone or experience something in the natural world which grounds me.

Thats me, I guess people differ!