Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This was May

And it is me
the sharp edges
the cold
my colors forlorn
there we are.

We are exactly were we want to be,

Months later, a certain ordinary evening, a strip of light on the western horizon, just yesterday
the abundance of bones and backstrap, even flanks are glorious
knives being sharpened, that sound
If i only knew my self this intimately.
You know how big a liver is? Much larger then our large heart. Softer too.
And the toughness, so much beautiful smooth toughness in me too.

Ah and i whine i whine that certain needs no matter its abundance are not met.

I don't why so much pain over little things, why i dive into that pain and find nothing, just tears.
Waterfalls of it. Puddles, ponds, lakes full.

You know how much water a mountain holds?
 I don't, but i know it is a lot
a lot more then these few tears

Please, know my needs.

If i can't understand, maybe you can understand me.


Anja said...

Every human being has a whole that only the true God can fill

Jozien Keijzer said...

:) Anja, i do love you