Thursday, July 24, 2014

metamorphic rock

the water is rippled
all the things i want to tell you
they elude me now
following footsteps on bare rock
there are only traces left
from 15.000 years ago
that's young we learn
in geology class
sometimes my mind is bubbling over
now it's dark red
slightly sticky
as popping bubbles in fir tree bark
when the water's calm
i wonder about justice
seeking justice does start wars
the black lake is so deep
i just can't see my own reflection
when there is no more words, no ripples
and no justice and your skin
pressed against mine
we metamorph
Now That is pure Joy

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"emotional vulnerability"

Thought I saw you
Large leaves moving slowly in the wind
A deep green butterfly
But somehow it was you
And I stopped to try and understand
Natural beauty and energy compelling deep emotions
A weak moment or perhaps emotional vulnerability
What does it mean and where is it taking me
You were sailing over a mountain
I felt a warm wind as you passed by
A beautiful bird drifting over forest and cobalt blue rivers
Then circling down to look into a dark lake