Friday, July 4, 2014


my beautiful lover
most beautiful of all
i dance for you 
always spinning
rain trashing down
rocks falling down the mountain 
boulders the size of treasure chests
i adore you
the sky is turning
your eyes 
a lovely light brown mystery
that i belong in
your hair raven black waves
that i get lost in
don't you know 
that all my madness 
is a crazy witch hunt
i twirl again  
send me your music
sing it loud
so i will know
and i will find you
and we will dance together
and there is love that always was
you most handsome
that is what pulcherrima means

both photos are not polemonium pulcherrimum
top - wild blue flax
middle - northern jacob's ladder

the rain grew tired 
all was water now
the boulders larger
made up the ocean floor
deep deep down
don't ask me to get up again
i am safe here
underneath everything that exist


Anonymous said...

I like you more all the time.

Scattered wild blue seeds generosuly around the long winding driveway and nothing happened.

Carefully cultivated them in small garden patches last year and they started to flower about a week ago.

If they could dominate my wild (perrenial) garden with many wild and colurful associates I would be very happy!


Anonymous said...

My typing skills are so very poor- they were wild blue flax seeds.

When they grow they look like little spruce trees, like a little forest when seeded densley.

And they were still green after a long, cold and very snowy winter.


Rachel Westfall said...

I love the colour of both flowers, and your photos and words are beautiful. I had some jacob's ladder added to a tattoo, but the artist didn't get the colour right. Even a touch-up didn't do the trick. I guess it is an elusive colour.

MFH said...
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jarvenpa said...