Thursday, January 10, 2013

road and water

my story which goes with this picture is in what's up yukon. , I always try to get the paper when i am in , but i didn't get this issue, i do not know which photos they printed, so here is one.

I did get cold feet that day, more extreme then usual, but that was when i was still smoking, ( i still don't smoke!) ( the easy way Allen Carr).
But as you might know on Christmas eve i did freeze my feet, a little beyond what's being just cold feet.
I think my feet are recovering well, i have been skiing  again, but with the weather much warmer it is hard to say if i will have problems.
I do not buy it anyway. many people here will say, oh now you will always have problems.

:) i am going to beat the odds. and keep on pampering my feet, which are nicely tingling now after a hot footbath. I do not know what the best remedy is.

But i did some googling again  today , and someone said when nerves are regenerating, there are  weird pangs.
A few days ago, it felt like a an insect was crawling around in my sock and biting. I hope it was my nerves recovering, i did not find an insect.
And sometimes i do feel little pangs.
Today , i was on my feet all day, now at night after the hot footbath they are tingling.

and recovery might indeed be long, i do not have much discomfort and there is feeling in my toes ( a lot actually, when Don massages my feet it is quite hilarious, i won't go into details, but i do squeal like a little piggy.

And as long as  i do still have those 'not normal' sensations, i keep treating those tootsies

Sorry if i bore you
soon i hope to be normal again


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Poor little toes! Keep on pampering them!

christopher said...

I liked your article very much, like you very much too, and about your popsicle toes, pampering is perfect.

I have had nerve damage be both kinds, there are numb places in me that are numb because the distress is over but the nerves did not recover. I also have at least two places where I suffered nerve damage but healed. I don't know how to make the nerves regenerate, just know that they sometimes do.

Anonymous said...

road and water

I was driving and saw many exquisite snow laden trees which made me think of your recent post.

And later- the pleasant sound of wind chimes brought my thoughts back to you. Is friendship in the wind?