Friday, January 4, 2013

looking out of the window

Giving my feet a rest again today, they have improved a great deal. (see last post  i froze my toes a week ago)
Yesterday i went to work, and no problems. Although in the evening my toes were hot and tingling again.
Which is to me an indication not to overdo it.

Talking to others about frostbite, there is those who always keep having problems after, and those who have no problems anymore. This one trucker from Alaska did describe the same sensations he had in his hands as i have in my feet  He's one that doesn't have problems anymore, but he will always take extreme precaution, to keep things warm, he is a bushmen, meaning when he is not driving his truck he spends a lot of time outdoors.

Anyway i will be wiser in the future :)
And for now i will do everything to let it heal properly, before exposing my feet to extreme cold again.

To me it seems that what i did is working: rest, warmth, massage, footbaths. herbal teas. And when the hot pins and needles subsided i started to go for little walks in super warm boots.


Brian said...

You look after yourself wild lady in this new year, the wild places can take care of themselves for a while. keep an eye out from the window in case they need the wild lady . Happy new year jozien :)

strider said...

sounds like improvement
like the deer image
little steps jo little steps

christopher said...

me too, to you, little steps, a steady pace, a willingness to remember that your confinement is not a prison but a blessing.


Willow said...

Lovely photo, what type of deer is that. Nice to be on the path :)