Friday, August 3, 2012

this is.....

what summer looks like in some places
hmmm okay, 
no words today
can i have a no word day today?
can i sigh and fuzz?

tiny clumbs of spring flowers in august
they must have started blooming underneath the melting snow
alexander's strong hug felt so good
come and gone again that kid

when i breath i feel i deny that there's a lion in my chest, it makes me so tired carrying around that lion . when i climb the mountain the load is light, we're in the clouds, my clothes are warm when i take them them off to lay  down in snow. the lion roars when i  look into his face. i know lions don't roam the glaciers, he is only there because he is with me.
the glacier didn't even show, this summer sunshine couldn't penetrate the ice fields, they talk of floods, but here i guarantee no ice is melting to cause such grief. all safe for yet another winter.
i breath you breath our breaths don't show because  of clouds, moving in moving out. the breath of the lion , a smile forms on our frozen lips
we are warm and safe together

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christopher said...

Jozien, thank you for your words and for the winter in summer. I am so glad we are still friends. This poem is not about you, I hope.

This Hard Time

The elevation
does it - the fog bank as well.
My hot toes turn black
if I forget them
and they turn so very cold.
When I left my house
it was still summer
but this is the north country.
I climb up a bit
and each step nears it,
the icy frozen landscape
of your angry heart.