Sunday, August 26, 2012

after yesterday's rain

all is wet, the sun is out again today and in the slight breeze all sparkles like the tanzanite stones i saw in skagway
no this post is not going to be nice
but first i have you find the pika and the ptarmigan

in the spirit of all is not what it seems to be

Recently i heard a bad story, and yesterday some facts where confirmed by a friend of mine, who had been a victim in the story. I have no idea how to write about this, because if you know, my outlook on life is; all is good. Do i have a responsibility to speak up, when i am aware of someone harming innocent people?
I can't find any facts on the net. Yet this story is so.... like....awful.

This can't be happening in the Yukon.

I remember the villain as beautiful blue eyed and very charming, i liked him a lot when i met him.
And i do wonder what makes someone act in such way, was he deeply hurt once?
And i have known 'bad' people and seen their beauty, even spoken out for them in their favor. but these are other stories maybe for an other time.

So let me start this way, asking you, if what i heard is true. Is it really true?
That two beautiful men, Jonathan and Matteus have started up beautiful restaurants in the Yukon and left a trail of tears. Not paying their bills, their employers, stealing and taking people to court . I  am really not in a position to write about this, i don't know all the details.
The feeling i get here, is that most people believe in the goodness of people. These two men approached them and they trusted these guys, believed that they would pay later, went out on a limb for them because it all sounded so beautiful to be part of....

I heard  Carcross now, i heard things are falling apart already around them.

I hope they find their peace, i don't wish them harm. And i can only hope for them and all involved there is sunshine after rain.

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christopher said...

And I like that part of you as you try to live in the positive. I do believe however that it is important to know that people like this do exist and they don't usually have trouble living with their poor behavior unless they get caught.

Yes, there are people who want to believe in the goodness of the world and yes, they do get victimized like that if they cease to be wary. When the predators are especially clever even the wary can be taken.