Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today i am digging up potatoes.
A friend asked me what i did yesterday, 10 years ago.
I don't know if i have told the story here before.
But here for Rob my story.
Don and i were digging up potatoes, it was a glorious day like today. Don likes to have the radio on in the house, so at one point when we come in the house for a break.
There is this news... Indeed. you know the story.
Then there is this local announcement that Whitehorse is being evacuated.
It appears the States has send an Korean air-plane over to Whitehorse to land under their guidance. Because there was no radio contact with this plane....
I phone the school, which Alexander attends, and indeed i better pick him up.
I walk over to the neighbours, who have a child in the school too. My neighbour not listening to the radio, knows nothing. Why didn't the school notify us? I guess here in Whitehorse they assume everybody works for the government (90% do:) and they now all have the day off, and will automatically pick up here kids.
Anyway. Margriet and i drive in (an hour) and sure enough our poor children
would have been.... they are the last two in the school with two remaining staff members (thanks so much to them!) . In the meantime the plane has landed, and there was no foul play, just it happened that that day their radio broke down.
Long story short it caused for quite the excitement, real time, in Whitehorse. And yes as the plane was considerate a treat, and Whitehorse had a big enough landing strip, and if the pilot had bad intentions, not some many people would have died considering how few people live here.

And to connect this with vistas

let me think about that one, what is my comprehended mental view of this event?

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Cheryl Cato said...

Spectacular vistas. I truly love open spaces and yet I live in a forest. At least I used to live in a forest until it burned down around me 3 weeks ago. I may get to plant grasses and wildflowers throughout this area (if we can just get some rain) and enjoy a vista of sorts. The tall, dead pines are a concern. Who will take them down (the ones endangering people)? The others can just fall or be dropped to re-fertilize the land. It will be beautiful again with Native Grasses planted.