Monday, September 12, 2011

sweet smell

thanks Cicero :)
The discussion on artsnet, is full on this morning
And i wonder if the deer eat sweet clover, now who would want to up root the deer?
The deer are slowly coming farther North.

this is fireweed seeding


gfid said...

your beautiful vistas of yukon autumn nearly break my heart with longing for wilderness life.

there's a similar attitude among purists involved in animal breeding. 'hybrids' are scorned. but no one seems to want to concede that many of today's 'pure' breeds resulted from some sort of crossing of 'pure' breeds years ago. the world's purists would have us live in the dark ages, never recognizing that planet earth is always changing, slowly, in order to continue to support life.

gfid said...

i used dried fireweed seed heads as decorations on my christmas tree when i lived near Dawson City... tied them on with pretty ribbons, alongside the paper chains and folded paper stars.