Monday, August 15, 2011


I by no means do not waste I think there is a certain balance, which i have not reached yet.
And i am in the fortunate position, to go out in the woods and harvest, without fearing i am taking too much. Out here it is mainly, the forest, the wild animals etc and me the only human.
This morning in the soft rain, my husband home and warm in bed. I went out for breakfast. First to the raspberry patch and then into the forest for mushrooms.
I picked 'nutty delicious', the brown and orange boletes, corals again, and as it turned out two kind of polypores.
The polypores looked similar in the forest, but when cooked one turns bright yellow the other stayed white, they both tasted good.
The brown one is the bolete.

After sliding back into bed to wake my husband, i prepared breakfast. (he has been away a lot, hence the treatment:)
I had ample of mushrooms and put most of them in a freezer bag to freeze for winter use. (i do like to get away from using plastic bags, any suggestion are welcome. I find drying doesn't always keep the taste.)

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