Saturday, August 13, 2011


hmmmm from an article in National Geographic i understand that we waste up to 50% of our food (Stockholm International Water Institute).

Now isn't it obvious, that if we could eliminate that waste, people in the food industry only had to work 20 hour weeks instead of 40 and that half of the land used for food production could be wilderness. (Here i am not talking about the fact that we could do something about world hunger.)

To me that means though if we want to accomplish that we DO have to pay twice as much for the food we buy, in order to keep the world economy going.

But now, if you are even remotely getting your income from the food sector. Wouldn't you like to work less for the same money?

And really as a lot of wasting is done at our own hands, we have to buy less food.

If you can follow what i am hinting on. (Let me know if it makes sense)

For me the real problem is, how do i pay twice as much for my bananas, knowing that nothing is wasted, and that people picking bananas still have an income?????

I ASK YOU, to look at this with me and really try to find an answer.

This all besides the fact that i still believe we live in a society based on slavery, we the slave drivers, paying the people at the bottom end barely enough to survive. Now how would you like to pick bananas 40 hours a week for minimum wages, knowing that half of those bananas lay rotting on someones counter? :)

Starting here, i hope to activate some sort of discussion were we come to real solutions. In the meantime i try not to waste any food.


Brian said...

I hate wasting food too, prices here can jump 10% in a week. So using what you have bought is very important ! I don't want to pour hard earned money down the drain. In the UK they keep building on farmland ,I think they call it development only a select few benefit from this development. Future generations will only suffer because in our small country we should be producing as much as we can, to save on food miles .And land and labour being exploited in poorer countries .And with the population growing fast more and more cultivated land will be ripped up with bulldozer,s .Commonsense tells us this should be the incentive to retain as much food producing land as we can but cash will always be king in the western world right or wrong!! :(

jozien said...

Thanks Brian! I am encouraged by your words and effort.

gfid said...

i agree wholeheartedly with your concept that food is undervalued and squandered. we're a very greedy culture, who pay vast sums for 'luxuries' and expect food to cost very little. very twisted logic.