Monday, November 25, 2019

spring log 2016

Spring 2014
first potentilla arenosa blooming April 13

Spring 2016
March 23 2 Hairy Woodpeckers busy
March 24 breaking through ice on  the driveway
March 25 crocus fuzzy head on jozinamaria mountain
March 26 Swans at Kusawa
March 29  Crocus almost blooming, kinnikinnick almost blooming on jm mountain
                 Yard clear of snow
April 1 first crocus blooming
           Mourning Cloaks and Grey or Hoary Commas out ( butterflies)
April 4 douglasia blooming
April 8  my notes are not quite clear but i think it say that driving along the Takhini river toward Kusawa lake
            we saw:
             31 swans
             8 golden eyes
             1 merganser +
             8  other ducks
April 9 same my notes not clear
            we saw:
            49 swans ( 4 juveniles)
            19 ducks ( mainly mallards) +
             3 golden eyes
             2 mergansers
             1 pintail
             1 wigeon
April 13  2 swans on ice at the 911-pond


MFH said...

The memory of standing on the bluff, with you, and watching the two swans over the Takhini is one that I will cherish forever.

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