Monday, December 24, 2018

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Last October we cleared a small stretch of forest, it's wood  still a bit green, but keeping us warm when the temperature dips below minus 20.
In July I took photos what is coming up in the opened up space, the ground only  disturbed by heavy equipment, but not dug up or dug over.
This winter I have clipping up the new poplars, I don't want there to be a forest again in a few years, i would like it to stay open, it improves our view of the mountains.
The poplars are the first to grow back and vigorously so. The spruce take much longer. But when we came here 22 years or so ago, the spruce in front of the house had doubled in size. I always say the first 7 years they did not grow one bit, but the last 10 years they grew a few meters.

Now I am hoping by clipping the poplars every year, and eventually the spruce too, I hope that somehow it will stay a nice wild rose meadow.

here you see all the Poplar in the foreground, Fireweed one blooming the first year, Northern Bedstraw blooming. tiny rose plants, strawberry plants, grass and some yarrow leaves....

more of the same, and i see some small plants that could be Beardtongue and or Bluebells

Here you see lots of Bedstraw blooming, and in the right hand bottom corner is that a yellow Oxytrope blooming?

looking west into the forest how it was. West always had lots of fireweed, south there was grass and east thicker forest and the hole.And the forest floor in that cleared patched had soapberries and roses.

In the bottom middle I see Eskimo Potato in seed.


Unknown said...

Hi wild lady
It's been a while, I hope all is good with you..;b

Hollis said...

Looking forward to posts from the far north! :)
best wishes ...

Jozien Keijzer said...

Thank you both! I am happily surprised to see a response here.

Venky Digital said...
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Unknown said...

Ben jij Jozien van het vormingscentrum in Rozenburg?!
Groetjes, Liesbeth

jozien said...

Liesbeth! Ja dit ben ik:)ehh maar ik zag dit pas na 4 mnd, wanneer zie jij mijn berricht?

jozien said...

Liesbeth als je dit ooit ziet, mijn email is jozinamaria @ gmail . com zonder de spaces natuurlijk