Saturday, April 16, 2016

Who did live here?

An old cabin in a most idyllic spot along the mendenhall river.

I do wonder who did live there and when. I imagine it was a young family with liberal ideals.
I read two books recently on people my age having growing up in a family with ideals of utopian living, sexual liberation and all. 'North of Normal' and The elementary particles'. 
In both  books, the  main characters (the ones my age) are quite messed up due to these well meant ideas their parents had.

I growing up in a conservative family. In my early teenage years I remember looking longingly to a group of people smoking pot to me meaning liberation. I was not part of them, and did not attempt to be. In the late teenage years again I came upon such group. Again I longed, again I was not part of them, and no real attempts were made.  My friends were hard working/studying, hard drinking and dancing on weekends. I did love it. Sex was only to be had with a boyfriend that you were to be deciding on if you would marry him or not.

Growing up, there were gardens and fields and plenty of wild nooks and crannies I explored. I did expand upon those.


MFH said...

But you have, for the past few years, done extensive explorations into one of the most challenging areas...inter-personal relations.

Jozien Keijzer said...

Thank you for your comments here and elsewhere, I am wanting to write here again, and I am doing art again, just not posting it. It inspires me to find comments. Thank you.