Tuesday, March 29, 2016

two years ago today

Today Mendenhall subdivision, mainly sunny and plus 10 Celsius

And plus ten this time of year is! and feels! Hot!

Two years ago on the same day, I hiked up Stony Creek, only a little snow around the krumholz, the east slope polished by  sun and wind, and  the trail lower  deteriorating pretty fast as you see.

And for today I ran up the hill/mountain, in the back here
to see
if  a crocus was blooming.
if the kinnikinnick was blooming
not quite

What I saw

an exploded puffball
a peek into a little creek
no sight of the volcano spewing ash in Alaska
but still far enough views, some 100 km away, in the direction of Haines jct.

from left to right: Martha black, Archibald, 2 peaks belonging to Decoeli, Decoeli, and Paint mountain below Decoeli.
And what? could  that be the Alsek river 
you see it?
Ehhh It is even warmer in Haines jct, so could it be ....

nono say Don, that is white snow...and looking at maps it might be Thunderegg creek

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MFH said...

A peek into a little creek...beautiful!