Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I bare

                                                                                                          ( spring picture)

went to my lover today 
you know her
she the one that flows 
there was ice white
with snow and grey wetness
the dark water
and the sounds
the sounds i didn't know 
would scare me
creatures in the water 
or beyond
i watched the ice floes
for a long time
it seemed that they
would build onto 
the forming ice bridge
the river freezing over 
while i touched
she touched me
but they did not 
these ice floes
they would first build up
and then duck
to appear 
on the other end
and sail off
and taken in 
by the ripples
of the current
i will never know 
if you lie to me
to protect me
or yourself
i feel cold 
in your water
flow flow flow
flow with me
melt me
melt me
sunshine on the water
or even if
snowflakes were falling
we are all one


christopher said...

I am so happy you write like this sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you know how beautiful your writing is.