Saturday, September 5, 2015

a giant gobbler

a giant stone gobbler laying languidly in the forest behind my house. I assume he has been laying there for years, gobbling away. I just never noticed him, he so quiet, i might have walked by him once, but didn't pay much attention

You know that is really strange, i just looked on google earth, and this rock is 0.85 km away from the house. That is not very far. And i walk around here for 20 years.
Is that what the forest does, it hides things?
Yet i do know that i do not often go to that sidehill,
it is beautiful steep, deep moss, forested slope.

The gobbler he eats little girls and boys fingers, as you can see.

I go all other directions quite regular, to the lake, to the beach lines, to the hills, to the creek, in the other forests, but hardly ever there.

I am also in place now in another place i hardly ever a place of health issues. It constricts me in ways that i am hardly ever constricted in. First i found it kind of interesting, that somehow being preoccupied with this, it took my mind away from real issues, almost like i imagine mind altering drugs will do.


Anonymous said...

Am thinking of moving to the Yukon. Are there many beautiful women living in the wilderness like you.

christopher said...

Sorry to see you write of health issues. It's true. You have rarely if ever complained of any. I am not fond of thinking of you suffering. If your basic soundness of body breaks for real, you will see how primary it becomes that you have a suffering body. It is not a secondary thing. I learned this as a child with asthma. After I got my health in my teens I never looked back except when forced to. That was rare. Now I am old and slow. I lay in bed most days running a systems check before anything else and very grateful I don't have to get up right now like I used to.

Many people are able to build a discipline of overlooking this suffering as much as possible. I think it is one way to build a gracious response to it. They do it in the understanding that other people cannot be forced into sharing without becoming resentful. On the other hand as far as I and other people who hope they are compassionate are concerned, if you keep your suffering secret, then you are hurting us in the sparing of us. We want to share and hold you. Another way to build a gracious response to your suffering is to understand that you have friends willing to share your burden and hold you and then share with them.

Right there... Thank you for letting me know, my friend. I hope some people near you also care.