Saturday, July 18, 2015

old stone

longing for the castle
the roughness of the old
stone against my skin
the coolness of the moss
overgrown walls
the heat of the sun
the enchantress
did she lay down
or are we all under our own spell


christopher said...

Oh yes we are under our own spell, though we had considerable help in the weaving of it along the way. The spell could not happen without our permission and effort. It also could not happen without assistance. We think we are unlovely creatures without the spell. Maybe we are, but I notice that so many seek to be seen, truly seen and loved, truly loved.

Jozien Keijzer said...

thank you Christopher :)

Brian said...

I can give you a castle or a keep...
With the people who lived there absorbed into the wall's..
The laughter the tears..

Anonymous said...

Longing for a castle?

Think you need to build a strong foundation under it rather than build castles in the sky. So many people long for things but they seem to internalize their desires.

This logic may also be relevant to relationships and finding love.


christopher said...
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