Sunday, December 7, 2014

it's a dream

ha! i went out to see my lover today :) oh yes she was there the glory of the first moment i see her again and she was ready for me, to carry me and as i sit on her bank listening to her talk, a soft gurgle under the ice, long ago summer talk. it made me wonder how do i assess  my relationships if they are worth it if they make me feel i float. all mountains and rivers are magnificent, but i do not call all of them mine. there are the relationships that are, now here, real time. and there are the ones that could be, the potential ones. and then there are the ones to be treasured most they are the ones of real dream stuff they can never can be.
you know when they are when you ride the boat together and yes on top of the wave is easy, pure joy. even if you know deep down you will go under again but that moment the sun is shining and the sky is blue. and when you are down you know it by when there is no word spoken as he enters the house by the cold air that makes you shiver. the waves come and go you know it is real by it's immediate action.
and then there are relationship that could be. how do you know if they are real? my lover here this afternoon i know she is real because first i was able to get to her, it did take me some hard work, trees had fallen across the trail, the meadow before her coming was new, exciting, different then any time before and crawling through the dense willows that stood before her and like i told you; suddenly there she was! and she was ready to carry me, she was there for me. sometimes she is not ready but always will she let me sit on her banks and always will she listen and when i listen always will she talk. yes that is how i know she is real.and very much worth it.
Ah and then i dance an twirl because her skin so smooth because i am to be called spoiled, there is those, many, that i connect with inimitably and i know like clear ice. that it will never work  yet i can save them for the last dance from here till eternity. they the ones that are always there for me riding on top of the wave never going down.


Brian said...

Beautiful writing of a place so close to you..
Wild Lady..

A question for the people of the northlands... What became of the Happy Trappers?

Thanks ;b

Jozien Keijzer said...

I don't know Brian, i could ask around...