Tuesday, June 24, 2014

did you know

did you know
that i cannot live without you
that there is ice in my summer
that you and i are butterflies touching down
two flowers joined in a whorl
did you see the dead porcupine
the bird finally found it's mate
feathers in the rain
pollen frozen for ions of time
just yesterday i met people
i felt their insecurity
today the singing
was laced with hurt
and you were there for me
every single moment
and you feel my breath
she licks her lips
he shifts slightly
they know
they know everything
the yellow
with a white ribbon
and there was blood
and fur and flies
it was a strange coincidence
he with his ex
and the choir sang
dancing swirling
it's a universe out there
and it's at our feet
we can have it all if we take it
who knew the violet primrose
on a far away beach
an instant ago
the sand so hot
it burned our feet
and i will love you so hard
oh yes, it will hurt a lot
and we will laugh
we will roll on the floor laughing
and with our hands we hold our bellies
and there is so much love
all the butterflies and flowers
they burst open and fly
petal dust everywhere
confetti in the sky
and to know that all it takes
is you and i
infinity in that split second after we meet
ha! all is well
so very well
even summer ice can melt


Anonymous said...

Wow, I really like that
Will read it again and again
Are you really that happy?

I hope the person you write about is really engaged with you rather than someone you are longing for


jozien said...

painting will do it. i once knew a poet/painter, after reading his poetry i asked how does it work to have so many lovers, i want to learn....

christopher said...

Great work, Jozien. I am well enough. I think you are well enough. Loving you.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are like exquisite paintings- water and spring ice decorated during a winter windstorm?

Many lovers, I want to learn that too. A lover in sprit is a good starting point.