Saturday, May 10, 2014

an explosion of green

this was 2 days ago, moose skull lake thawing.
this was yesterday, the leaves turning green en mass.
I have been away for 3 weeks and came home Wednesday, to summer land, Yukon! Where did i go for a holiday?  to Southern Canada, where it was still very much winter most of the time. 
I hitched a ride with Alexander back in April, driving down South. Only 10 km away from Taber (AB) we saw a shimmer of green. I never knew Canada was such a cold country ( you probably always knew that).  I did know that Canada is a beautiful country, even in the drabness of snow gone and spring not there yet.
Hopefully i will soon make an album here of all the wonders i've  seen.
And maybe a story of the pure joy of travelling with the greyhound.


Brian said...

We have the same over here too, with blossom hanging thick in the hawthorn... Hope your doing good Wild Lady of the wild places...;)

strider said...

More of this please, it sounds like you had a great trip