Sunday, December 9, 2012

sun dog

yesterday's poem is much longer, some times emotions are not to catch in four sentences, neither are they in a page long poem, so i suffice with telling you about facts of today's day. Yet even facts can have an ellusive quality to them.
This morning we were gazing at the sky, from here, from up the hill and from the neighbours deck. What was being clear was not so clear now. Our neighbours saw something in the sky , that didn't seem to be explained rationally like a sun dog. We'll have to look again tomorrow night.
Then at home after days of silent weather a whirlwind blew through our yard, putting us in a white out, now all is calm again and pink.
And.... i am still not smoking, and i KNOW i won't ever again, it's just what it is.


Anonymous said...

good work Jo
keep positive

Anonymous said...

the spammer is back
we had a parhelion event yesterday
14/12/12, but alas no camera to capture the image


Anonymous said...

Arrrgh!!! spammers i hate them