Tuesday, October 23, 2012


i want to sit there and being flung in head spins watching crystals grow
my bare feet frozen in the ice that formed on the surface of the stream
what good is meditation when wild emotion dissipate
how much better is sex, or dance
my body convulsing, because my mind can't handle it
never again will i sit still again, all warm and cozy
never serene
to live i have to scream 
elevated as vapour
only when deeply cold i will turn crystal
so brittle
yes, i am in love


Anonymous said...

nice ice leaves Jo
from your last message you have been searching, what did you find?

much love

Zee said...

you actually still take the effort to make awesome pictures! Bin away for a while from the blogging world, sorry - it is just so.

jozien said...

my friend Mary just wrote me this,

what delicate frost ferns, feathers--fragile and fleeting

ain't it most beautiful?
Thank you Mary!

mia gracia said...

That is simply breathtaking. Its an incredible photo. Those ice leaves is just awesome.
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