Monday, July 16, 2012

why flowers?

to write the question simple like that, another things come to mind. Why do we and to speak for myself, why do i love flowers so much? and that brings me instantly to the point that they also attract me as a human being. Why so beautiful? there much be some merit in it for them or me, that i am them. other then soil for example and different then rocks or water, etc. flowers are the way they are so i do not step on them. and that i love them lots different then a blade of grass. so that is established, they need my love more.
and i know, i need their love too, what would i be without them?
i think when things left natural, anywhere everywhere the amount of flowers will be startling. don't think the desert or the arctic has few flowers. and i do not want to go into the aspect of biodiversity, we all know , i hope, we need biodiversity, even i can't explain it.
first there is the planet, water seeps in,  life starts, haha it is so simple flowers are the way to reproduce. yes i did know that just like you, it's not something i discovered today. and trees do not need my love so much they are big and strong and very happy with themselves. "oh my dear flower are you so insecure, please know that i love you." if i step on a tree it won't die, i think it actually likes me to climb in them, but that's another story. And their reproductive way is high up i couldn't even step on it. of course we also have cherry blossom, they exist to shower me with love, that's it, my  point made.
dear dear ofcourse flowers are abundant where ever life is just starting. how would trees be able to grow if it wasn't for flowers preparing their bed. but the question really came from parzival who found himself walking on a flower meadow surrounded by snow and rock. flowers that barely have enough time to reproduce, where trees never will grow.  insects and birds and animals live there because the flowers are there. that's it! where would the birds build their nest and have enough food to feed their young when there wasn't enough insects or seeds. that's what birds need. oh maybe you meant why all the colors here high up in the clouds, why not just have pink flowers? hmmmm well i as a human  i wouldn't wander such meadow for hours. ahhhh are they sneaky these flowers? do they say; step on her and come to me because i am blue and not yellow. that is part of nature saying me me me. that is nature. maybe this question has no simple answer it is just the way it is and i am gloriously happy for it. and i love for you to give me a simple answer to why.


hdt said...

I love flowers because they are so beautiful and somewhat ephemeral- am sure you know means short lived.

I enjoy beautiful flowers and when they quickly fade and die away I find other flowers to assume their place.

Unfortunately, I have the same philosophy regarding relationships. When they get a little old and start to fade I move on and find someone who is blooming, someone who is reaching out for sunlight- like a vagabond rolling stone I carry on from one relationshp to another, always with a brilliantly coloured flower.

Do hope that this changes in old age- would be nice to have someone around for a longer period to help me move those heavy boxes in the attic when I am my late seventies.


jozien said...

yes, thank you for your point hdt, perfect.
and about old age, let's meet before that stage in life :)

hdt said...

hdt's post is a pretty grim assessment of relationships. Think he was being provocative.

I saw a rare colour variation of a common flower which would be very cool to have in my garden. It would be transformative, atr least to me- something to show people like a rare fossil.

Why does that happen- something so commonplace suddenly transformed by a slight colour variation into such an exquisite beauty?

Thinking about it brings to mind what creates perfection and what causes contentment.

Anonymous said...

I married a flower, she was a late bloomer.

jozien said...

mmmm that is so beautiful, thanks anonymous

Anonymous said...

I found a deep blue flower along the edge of a snow patch.

Somehow it had found enough warmth and it was brilliant- standing there alone, high in the mountain near the remaining snow with a summer sky in the background.

And a small butterfly somehow found and landed on it. That was it, no need to climb any higher or contonue exploring the mountain. We found something very special and headed back home.