Friday, April 20, 2012

Interesting phenomena

So many birds in the sky and on ponds that are small enough to have open water. And i know birds are more beautiful to see. But I saw this strange thing on the driveway this morning. First at 8 when i went for my run, there was this semi circle a meter in diameter. An hour or so later when i went for a walk, it had grown 2 meters in diameter, later yet it was a cross the whole drive way. They are these little bugs (see close-up enlarged, they are very tiny). What are they!? and what are the doing!?


christopher said...

Wow. They are indeed little bugs. I have no idea what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

they are wood lice doing what they do best, clearing up the detritus and leaf litter
much love Jo


hdt said...

You are a very interesting phenomena Jozien.

A mean of many extremes and always demonstrating seasons differences, if you can understand what I am attempting to say.


jozien said...

Thanks Rob, it seems woodlice they are. What i just read it seems they always like to touch something, maybe as here eachother :0 and they tend to move away from brightness into the dark, their direction was towards the more shaded side of the road, where there was still snow cover. What do you think?

Angela said...

Hi Jozien,
Gee, not sure, but those "bugs" are weird. They look a bit like millipeds, but I don't know if they live in the Yukon. What a neat thing to discover.