Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter gifts

I saw 6 Mourning Cloaks today!
the first butterfly to be on the wing here.
Last year it was out on april 16, it is a pretty predictable sign of spring.
Over the last 14 years out as early as the 16 of April as late as the 25th.
Because it is fluttering around my yard all day, it is hard to miss. On the hill i found little nests of crocusses buds, they are a little late too

And just some pictures of little gardens in rock.


Cicero Sings said...

The Sagebrush Buttercups are out here as well as the Rock Dandelions. I've seen a butterfly or two fluttering around but haven't been able to get close enough to see what kind.

Like the gardens in the rock!

Brian said...

Hey wild lady,thanks for sharing your gifts.I see that the snow is now receding slowly letting the other wild things have their turn. Be good :)