Sunday, February 6, 2011

the summit

Things that are potentially dangerous and things that scare us.

reading spindrifts i realized that we all have are own realtionships surrounding danger....

I went to his post to read about snakes, because my article in 'what's up yukon' was about a snake

The photo here is the Skagway summit, coming back. Later today i will post photos of blue sky, looking the other way.
When i drove to Skagway there was a more total white out, it wasn't dangerous, because i could still see , on the right, right in front of my car, the plowed ridge on the side of the road.

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just jane said...

Fear is a powerful thing. I believe that sometimes you should listen to your gut, and back off. I also believe, being an anxious person, that sometimes you must move through the fear and know that nothing bad is going to happen today. It is a fine line, and I know that it is a summit I have not climbed.