Sunday, March 8, 2015

Turkish Fruit

And when the mountains break the clouds
mirrors reflecting silver
blue skies
Josephina Seraphine Empress Queen and Lady Lola
Kali Kali Napoleon and Lord Xian
their most intimate body parts
she on her high horse
his white shirt wide open
vulvas dripping wet
semen sticking to our legs

all night we dance
lavish parties, turkish fruit
rolling from the horn of plenty
blue silk dresses, violet tulle, white brocade
whale bones snapping
propinquitious laughing
propensities that keeps us on the island
the choice is sand
you either swim or scorch
and again always always
he lifts us of our feet
doom descends but temporarily
i endure your Elba
because i am Aquitaine 
Ethelred Kunigunde there is war
the breaking clouds
And soon the storm is over