Thursday, April 28, 2022

spring log 2022

 April 26  and again 28  a flock of juncos and american tree sparrows in the yard.

April 22 first crocus at Aishihik, just one

April 25 Takhini river at mendenhall landing is wide open. ( not the mendenhall river)

(april 13 we were still skiing on it.)

April 25 first rain shower on the highway

April 27 ,  a kind of rain shower in the yard, hailly. which brought the snow a foot down.

April 28 snow depth 37 cm in the yard

...May 21 first green Aspen leaves on the hill rocky south facing slope

 to be continued

Saturday, March 19, 2022

The beauty of it all

Always in the end, my ponderings lead me to the realization that all is well.

Everybody has a place in this universe and all is connected.

And what you do,  what she/he does, is as good as what i do.  As it just is and makes us tick.

So i can only talk about what i do and experience, and  as i try to be aware what i do. There is always this darn typing here. I am thinking of just writing on paper totally just for myself, where as  even those scribbles do still ripple out in that universe, yes?

Joy joy, i really have nothing to add

 And thereI was going to point out where our ways seem erroneous. As in solar power in general, what a farce. To me yes solar power has a purpose, imagine you live of the grid, and now a few times a year you can grind your wheat by electrical means, or watch a movie one evening. How glorious is that? But here for us, more electricity, really? Or as in agriculture, to eat oranges from Calefornia, while i live in a forest full of vitamin C.

As i look up , the sun is just now hitting yo-yo peak. There is my vitamin D, i do not need it to be added to milk.

whoa we have 12 hours + of sun a day again!

Monday, March 14, 2022

Pine Creek Delta Atlin BC

 I  say a  loud and clear NO to the plans to sell power to Whitehorse!

I do not want to go in detail here about why to protect the Pine Creek Delta from such onslaught. But i  write this to ask you and find out; how do we succesfully protest?

Here in my little neighbourhood of mendenhall subdivision, i did lead two protests over my 25 years i lived here.  One was succesful one was not.

I actually do not know why one was not succesful and the other one was. Maybe when written down it becomes clear, or maybe you say well that is obvious.

So these are the two stories. One was for a water treatment plant, that i did not want. It is here now, a very expensive contraption which takes a lot of maintainance.

The other was for mosquito control. Our mosquitoes will be alive for many years to come, due to my protest.

hmmm with the treatment plant, we were well informed by the government, they even send us a radiation specialist who worked for a nuclair power company to show us that all was well in the world to have uranium stored in our community. (which was a consequence o the plan)

I and a 2 other neighbours  said, ho ho ho we do not want an uranium storage. I wrote a list of all the cons that i saw to do with this project. and i emailed it to all the neighbours...nobody seemed to care. Just us 3.I wrote down possibilities to meet everyones needs for healthy clean  water. 

The 4 million dollar plant did come (for some 100 people, people who choose to live here, mainly white middle class people that buy property here, like myself). 

The mosquito control program, suddenly we got  an email that it was to be executed here. I stood up in the AGM and asked; how can that be? we were never asked. Well it had not been done yet so go ahead and find out if the community actually wants it. I wrote an email to all the neighbours, asking who wanted to sign my petition against mosquito control.

In no time i had 20 signatures. which was 10 more then the people having asked for the control, which was enough to show the government that the community was divided on the issue.

So is the difference i see here now is that i actually never tried to change peoples minds in the mosquito case, i just asked what they wanted?

Is it that easy?

Looking forward to mosquitoes :) always!

And my husband and i drink water from Stony Creek, the best water in the world!

Tuesday, March 8, 2022



'little sunny mountain' and the Southern Tutchone name for  Champagne, Yukon.

Another sunny day,  I can almost  see the sunny mountains. The morning sun is  just about to light them up. I assume that Sadhala is Middle Mountain. I can't see her from my window view, but I do see the larger mountans to east of it, as i live east of Champagne.

I imagine Middle Mountain in full morning sun before the town itself is in sunlight.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Not enough people

Oops i should say; too many people.

 What i am looking for is a genius mathematician.  But they probably are all busy crunching mumbers.

 So we have more people on the planet then ever, but  what i am hearing  these days  that there is a shortage of workers.

What i wonder is can we put a formula to see where the problem is.  Is it  people in their sixties like my self that suddenly  retired early? maybe. Is it that young people do not want to work anymore and stay in school longer? maybe. 

 Or is it mostly that we have created a society, where we have more needs then  that we have people that can fullfill those needs?

And one such need is  the buraucracy, i  am off a generation that always complained about buraucracy, but as i can see we only have more now.

And with buraucracy i kind of mean,  let say we have a nurse, we think of nurses to care for our sick, but nowadays a nurse, spends a lot of time on other things like writing reports. And lets take the hospital, it needs a whole army of other employers besides nurses. Only little amount of time is actually used on physically caring for the patient.

So there is that, but then there is also that when i get sick i expect this army to stand up for me. How would i feel  if...haha you can think of your own horrible example of lack when you end up in the hospital.

When i go to the groccery store i expect ...

when i..  etc etc

I think when a genius mathematician can crunch these numbers, it will turn out that i cannot have  all that i have now, it is physically just not possible, we do not have enough people.

How to end slavery?  Is still, maybe now more then ever, the question.

I love to hear your thoughts, corrections!

 or adding where you see that it just doesn't add up.

Sunday, February 20, 2022


 Where my fifties  had seemed to be about celebration of life, joy, freedom, exploring, the best years ever.

My sixties more subdued,  more about health.

 Just this week, trough some wondering wanderings, i realized i had have weak ankles forever. It was just something i excepted as a fact. My heavy duty hiking boots, with the best ankle support  possible have been my most prized possesion for some 25 years.

Two years ago i was made aware that i can do excercises to strenghten my ankles.

 It took two years to actually start doing those excercises in earnest.

I will let you know the results.

But i have good hopes it will positive.

 It is not that such thing has never happened to me before. At age 47, due to extensive ginginvities, and frugality ( i was not going to pay, thousand of dollars for gum transplants). I learned to clean my teeth properly. I have maybe had one cavity since and i lost a tooth recently. Before 47; I was convinced i had bad teeth, that was just that. born with it. Bad genes.  Not so, my teeth maybe not the most gorgeous smile, but the dentist says i actually have more teeth then most my age and my gum health is excellent.

And i have  more examples like this. Where i finally realized i have ... what would you call it? more freedom as i ever thought.

I love you to share your experience like that.

Wondering if it just me.  Or

My son calls it accountability. Our society less and less encourages acountability. Is it something like that?

Thursday, February 10, 2022

ints'i nits'i

 pronounciation: int,see nit,see

ints'i nits'i, it is windy

It doesn't quite feel like the blustering wind that is happening here right now, i have to  look/ask around for a better phrase.