Sunday, February 5, 2023

The incredible healing power of the body

 10 days ago i  cut my finger. It was, to me, clearly related to a conversation i had just before. Painful stuff. a week later i again happened to be told a painful story, i cut my finger in the same spot, because  acap of dead skin was elevating from the tip of my finger. So! i tell myself  be aware when talking heavy duty life situations.

What does amazes me, how quickly it really healed. In 10 days time  a millimetre thick skin has grown over the wound  ( the wound 5 mm diameter, nothing big ) Normally  with similar cuts, i would keep nicking it, or accidentally ripping of the little cap of partly attached old skin. ( haha i hope i am not grossing you out.) Now it all is totally healed without  any pain  after the second time i cut it . What i am saying it even healed without pain. When there is pain we obviously are still bothering it.

Looking after it my way properly; protecting it, and letting it air at times, put a little homemade cream on it (beeswax, oil and i think arnica something foraged) but no extreme fuss. ...but maybe more fuss then you would? for sure my mom would not have fussed this way, and she was not prone to little accidents. she hardly ever was sick . She never fussed ( haha which also had two sides, but that is another story)

So what is that sweet spot for you? 

Yesterday unrelated to the little cut, I had a wonderful friend,  an ascended master of some type, come over and do a treatment. She gave me an hour plus foot reflexology, and some suggestions from maybe another realm.

 One of them was about digestion, so today i watch how i digest lives events.

hmmm the dog, do you remember the dog? Well the dog is still bothering us.

So what good does come out of all this? like as in digestion in our body, even if you eat hamburgers, white bread and and a sugary desert, some good will be in it.  But yes when that is your constant diet, constipation might be the only possibility of your body trying to deal with it.

I will give due attention to all troubles in my life.

The body, my life will be good/ is good and whole

I do believe in that. It is my experience.. In awe :) 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023


 I love to read my sister's,  Anke's Geneology, web page.

It does always makes me wonder about matriarchy, to me it seems a better way, if only for the idea that there is a better change we are our mother's children. 

 So here are my mothers

Magtilda van Eijmeren 90

Adriana Dijkshoorn 77

Neeltje Cornelia Groenheijde 97 ( she died when i was around 9 years old)

Maria Bregman 47

Maria van der Ende 83

Maria de Graaff 83  

Maria van der Mark 67 born  12-07-1767 in Schipluiden

Maria van Dorp 76

Aaltje Cornelis dr van den Bosch 70

Judith Symons dr van der Lee

Maertje Claes dr Rodenburch

This post too, i  haven't finished it. but will post as is for now.

What i want to explore with this list are many things, for example:

 All these women, my mothers, lived in an area  with a 30 km or so radius. My father dreamed of  leaving the area, and I and one brother did.. 

And what about their age? what does that tell?

And what about the fact that women in  my society, do not have a last name, really?

What do you question in your ancestry?

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Past hikes with Jane

 I will try to find the year i climbed  up Jo-Jo Peak. It was a few years before 2009, i read on this blog.

I started this blog in 2008.

 Jane and I did many hikes together. We could have started hiking together in 2005

 July 16th 2006 Sifton Range

Sept 26 2006 Ibex Valley/ Arkel Creek

June 6 2007 The Sleeping Giant, mt Alexander

Oct 2 2006 Stony Creek

These are a few  dates i found and will post them here  so i can find them again.

Jane and i are still out and about at times. The photo shows the trail we worked on this winter,  we have named things before ( like mt Alexander), but this is the first time we made a  sign (Jane did) Isn't that cool? 

Sunday, January 29, 2023


Sunday today. The only thing really planned is facetime on messenger with my son and his girlfriend. haha and i will keep it that, but just wanting to say  that more then ever, if possible, i am very proud of my son. And I do miss my mom in that way, because  really only with her i could share talking about my son, her grandson for hours.

I find that keen interest i have in him quite interesting.  Has my life become smaller, and my interest in my children become bigger?

Anyway my husband is pulling at me, right now here. That has become a big thing too.  One that is far away (son) and the other one as close by as can be 24/7 ( husband).

Anyway related to this, this week i had numerous interesting conversations. Happy ones not so happy ones. Am i happy, i was asked?  Having gone through depression many years ago, i can say i am not depressed for sure, and that is a beautiful feeling seen in that light.  But happy,  I would say content.  And i do feel that is enough for now. More then enough really when i put it that way.

One lady i ran into this week, someone i had not seen for many years. She looked very happy. It was one of those fun encounters. I said, my you look so good, how old are you now? 81! she said laughing. We met at the gas station filling up.  and did hold up the traffic there a bit, sorry about that, but everyone one was good about it, after we were made aware and moved on, lots of smiles and waves.

And i do want to say,   covid did come up ( it has been a while, not so much  a topic anymore). She is not vaccinated either!  I do find it always amazing how many of my acquaintances are not vaccinated against covid.  What is that all about, maybe the people i know are not as random as i might think?  Because i do think i am quite random that way, not affiliated with religion or politics or work. My interest connect me with a broad range of people.. i hope.

In another conversation  this week  again covid came up. This friend had not wanting to converse with me, for a while during those years.  And i was surprised at my self how it is still a difficult subject when opinions ( she calls them facts) are opposite. I was not able to just let her say her thing, i kept saying, please stop, please do not. 

But glory glory we parted laughing heartily how we had overcome the initial  covid bumb in the road, and had talked for an hour after as best of friends, which we are.

Feeling blessed with so many loved ones in my life.

and that one here,  he waited patiently for me, what a gem!


Monday, January 23, 2023

yes a wonderful weekend

 I do think I often suffer from too high a self-esteem. But on the other hand i also recognize my self quite often at odds.  All that anxiety for some fabulous outings.  And am happy that i can recognize  defaults in others and hopefully be quite passionate towards them.

 I am pondering a respond to a friend, who seem to suffer the little things a lot. What is more compassionate, to try to tell her  she could just drop it, something that i would not even have picked up in the first place (I pick up other things i guess.) Or let her suffer in silence.

And what about to keep working on our health, when  really at a certain age, we all seem to go. Would you go for ten days longer, ten weeks, ten years? if you could.

I hope i can say i am always looking for that balance.

hmmm  i this weekend  I was all calm and quite happy about  letting my friends hike to the next peak, while i sheltered behind some spruce trees and puttered around for an hour or so. I have always been happy when others exceed me,  especially people who i perceive as my students

 But the fact, that unless i really go out of my way, i probably never reach Jo-Jo Peak anymore. This hike might be on this blog, it has been many many years. When you look  at google earth for Jo-Jo Peak, it's the right area, but points at the wrong peak.

Ad a question i have is , can we at one point indeed just drop it all, and go peacefully? I read  and know examples of people waiting for their last breath, but do you know stories of people, just saying, it has been good!  I will let go soon, and the did.

Actually writing it like that i do know a person like that, and she sometimes comes to mind  while i am meditating. 

She looks wonderfully wild and is always laughing...with me.

Saturday, January 21, 2023


 Yes i was born with a certain anxiety :) yet i don't think i really became aware of it when i was till later in life. But now here feeling anxious,  lightly, not extreme or debilitating, but just wanting to crawl back in bed, which i sometimes do when i feel like this.  Yesterday i just laid on the couch for a few minutes, to work through it. Now i just sit behind the computer. Both will work.

 But what i find baffling, is that i still get it. I get it when i have an agenda, like people visiting or having to do things.

So much for awareness.

 And i get it that some people are not interested to meditation. As i am meditating these days with impermanence. I find it quite overwhelming that everything i touch something ended for that. my coffee,   a wilderness was burned down to make room for my morning coffee. it is a heavy load.

Yet i would say meditation made me more content then ever, made it quite easy  for me to work through things like my anxiety.

Two things related to that in  this time in my life . I also believe that everything   i experience in my body starts as an emotion, and emotions start in thinking. something like that, you out there might be able to explain better. 

The first thing; my eyes water a lot when i am outside. And looking at in the Louise L. Hay way. Does that mean  i have to cry more, i have to cry when sad?

A second thing. My night time dreams. I dream a lot and like to get into a lucid dream.  This lucidity i cannot really make it happen. But  the dreams i have recently, it is not that i am lucid, but scary things end up good, like i am hanging of a cliff and miraculously i pull myself up on top. 

Now i have read that people in the Holocaust would dream of luscious meals. So am i getting more lucid in my dreams able to confront my demons ( the Jung way i think). Or  is this impermanence, the fears related to that, getting to me and like people who are starving, i dream of the opposite.

See how i make myself very busy when not!

 Today i will bring a turkey i was gifted, to a neighbour, they will cook it , and sunday evening we will go there to enjoy it with them.

And today i will meet friends on the Kusawa road to go for a hike.

Yetsterday i walked with a neighbour to the cave north of here.

Hiking, walking, eating, sleeping, computer, and a  lot of thinking that is what makes me busy.

And oh yes when i am with people other then my dear husband, always a lot of laughter.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

do i need to make an acount

 in order to leave comments on other types of blogs?

Is it just wordpress that is 'the other'?