Monday, February 17, 2014


the castle
two towers 
green hillsides surrounding me
rolling down towards
far horizons
the spaces, the freedom, are a wall
ashlar impenetrable
doubtful descending spiral staircases 
how to escape when queen?
where is the king?
over yonder?
It's so far
it takes so long to reach that line
i loose myself half way
soft, no bottom 
to my longing
the castle 's a faint memory
stop the search
sit and look
the cold entering bones
specks of blood in snow
there; animal hair,
a feather,
the rock face in our mountain
from the deep dungeon of my loving
i climb towards the sun
do not ever think that castles bring us freedom
the more we own 
the more enclosed we are
your skin, my skin
it still sends currents
up our spines
bare stones do not burn
when will i be free?
i never read Longfellow's
never reached Acadie

Friday, February 14, 2014

Destiny's lady gaga joke

How do you wake up Lady Gaga?

Answer: Poker Face 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

the freezing up of a river

It would be nice to live right on a river for a while (not for long time, but that it is another story)
But to keep a daily journey on how it freezes over a period of one winter.
The Takhini river at this particular spot, was frozen  earlier, then opened up again and now with this cold the ice builds up rapidly,  the first picture taken an hour after the second one.
Maybe i go back tomorrow.
As the freezing-over here has more to do with building up of ice-floes, i wonder if it freezes over faster in this temperature, then when it is even colder and no ice-floes break off upstream, to build up here. Is their a turning point?

atmospheric halos

This website gives some names for what was seen in the sky here yesterday.

The temperature out, was around -25 C
In the Takhini Valley ( in which i live) hang an ice fog, seemingly clear skies, but when looking along the horizon, a clearly visible fog, greyer then the the blue sky above, lined the horizon.
The Sundogs were visible all through the day.

I will try with the website above now to give names to the halos showing in the photos i took. That was all we saw, there were no more halos beyond that , that I and Don saw.

in the middle the sun.
there are two sundogs (parhelias).
the halo in which the sundogs show is the heliac arc or 22 degree halo.
the dish sitting on top of the 22 degree halo, is  the parry arc or upper tangent arc.
The second halo is 46 degree halo.
the dish on top of that is the circumzenithal arc

now in the photos i also see a slight halo in between the 22 degrees one and 46 degree one?  Or is that called the upper tangent arc, what is then the name of the dish itself?

okay, as i see it, the dish appears to be visible because of hasting's arc or one close to that, wegener's arc.
These two arcs themselves were not visible to me.

Monday, February 3, 2014

three-toed woodpecker

Is it a sign of spring?
The last few days we have heard the woodpeckers drumming.
Now i don't know if there is a difference in the sound of them tapping the tree, for foraging.
Or are they drumming to attract a mate?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

endless loving

and i tell you it is a happy place
and i tell you i am happy 
and it is for no other reason
then that i am listening to old music
and that tree grew there and it died there
and it still stands
i, roaming the endless meadows
i tell you, flying low in that endless expanse
i imagine a city of the same dimension
how many people would live there
i can almost hear the hustle and bustle
we met two chickadees
goodbye my trusted friend
tada lalala
now that the spring is in the air
again i found the sun